Company Information

Genetron Engineering Corporation Pte Ltd was established in 1973 aiming to be one of the leading regional companies in Asia Pacific in providing quality services for our Customers.

Genetron has excel in sales, marketing, training and consultancy in both educational and industrial sectors, involving electrical/electronics test & measuring instruments, telephone and acoustic test systems, microwave components, telecommunication and science products.

Our Customers include government agencies in Singapore, Ministry of Education, local polytechnics, local universities and private sector companies from Singapore and South East Asia as well as other projects cooperating partners including Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, China, Canada and Australia.

Our worldwide partners are United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe (including Germany, France, Italy), India, Taiwan and China.

Award & Certification

Genetron Engineering Corporation Pte Ltd has been certified by Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) as bizSAFE Level 3 company. This recognition marks another milestone for Genetron where employees
safety and health condition is considered top priority.

The certification came into effect on December 8, 2014.

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